The Perfect Holiday Combination: Chocolate Easter Eggspresso

The Governor Espresso Blend Recipe

Espresso Easter Egg Recipe

If you're a home barista with an espresso machine, this will add that hit of sweetness to your morning espresso to light up your post-Easter morning. If you're new to the espresso game at home, read our tutorial on how to get the best out of your machine here.

Pair your chocolate with our Governor espresso blend, and you're in for a treat jam packed with flavours of chocolatey fudge and a lingering sticky marmalade finish.

The Governor Nespresso Pod Recipe

Easter Egg-Espresso Using Nespresso Machine Pods

For the pod-aficionados, don't worry, you're not left out. Our biodegradable nespresso compatible coffee pods are filled with our Governor espresso blend. Roasted and ground perfectly to ensure the perfect espresso everytime.

Our pods are about convenience, not comprimise.

Check out our TikTok video for a step by step guide..

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