Date Night Duo


Decorate your date night with the ultimate duo.

The Date Night Duo features a pack of our two most beloved espresso blends, "The Bohemian" and "The Commuter", as well as our best-selling cold brew concentrate Boston Black. We've also thrown in a keychain in there too! 

Each blend offers a unique taste profile, appealing to each and every palette:

  • The Commuter is a medium roast blend, perfect for taking on the go. Its rich flavour profile features notes of caramel, hazelnut, and berry, with a sweet dark chocolate finish.

  • The Bohemian is a medium roast blend with a rich jammy sweetness, toffee body, and a lingering dark cocoa finish.

  • Boston Black 750ml, our bottled cold brew concentrate, is perfect for making quick iced coffees, espresso martinis, or for drinking straight as a cold brew. This bottled cold brew concentrate contains 18 serves for a smooth and refreshing coffee experience, perfect for date night through to the morning after.

Take your coffee from day to night with this classic mix of our top espresso blends and a great mixer for an iced coffee, or espresso martini.