Ethiopia Sidamo

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REGION: Mokonisa, Kercha

ALTITUDE: 1900 - 2300 masl

VARIETAL: Mixed Heirloom

PROCESS: Fully Washed

TASTING NOTES: Delicate with notes of citrus, stone fruit and floral.  Tea like, very good balance, with clean and pleasant after taste.



Mokonisa washing station employs 24 permanent staff in Mokonisa, Kercha. Sidamo is a large and one of the best coffee growing regions in Southern Ethiopia that produces a wide range of wet and dry processed coffee. Mokonisa means the strongest tree found in fertil soil in the local Oromifa language. This coffee was fully washed and carefully dried on raised beds giving it the fantastic Sidamo complexity whilst retaining the classic citrus notes found in good coffees from this region.