Our philosophy

Rosso Roasting Co is a business built on a simple idea - there are no shortcuts in life.

We custom hand roast every single batch of our specialty graded coffee.  Our commitment to the modest goal of perfection has dictated every aspect of what we do from sourcing, grading and roasting to packaging.  

There are no shortcuts to success, or the perfect cup of coffee.

12 years in the coffee game, millions of beans roasted and countless cups of coffees served; we just love the impact we can have on someone's day and the industry.

We love the cafe business and know intimately the value of an outstanding coffee offering.  Especially when sometimes the majority of a cafe's revenue translates from coffee sales.  That's why we work really hard to develop the pristine flavours of each single origin, to create our specialty blend.

Our philosophy has always been simple.... If it's not the best it can be, then don't serve it!!   

The members of our team have spent the majority of our working lives in the world of Hospitality. We have owned and operated some well known successful cafes in town. One thing we can say for sure is, it's not an easy game, so we can't help ourselves but lend a hand when we're called upon.