Burundi Nyagashiha

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REGION: Murago

ALTITUDE: 1530 masl



TASTING NOTES: Apple, brown sugar, nectarine, mandarine, honeydew

Origin: Akawa Project - Nyagashiha

The Nyagashiha mill is one of 13 mills that form the Akawa project. A joint venture between SUCCAM and Supremo, the Akawa project was created to help producers escape the cycle of poverty in a sustainable and equitable way. Producers, striving for fairer remunerations and better living conditions, demanded a path towards prosperity. As such the project's working directives are based around UTZ certification standards, focusing on good agricultural practices, environmental responsibility and social equity as the central tenets of success for project members.

Nyagashiha is located in the Murago region, 86km south of the capital. Jean-Baptiste Bigirimana oversees the 1172 farmers who produce roughly 400MT of exportable green coffee per harvest. Nyagashiha has a temperate year round average of 18 degrees, which allows the cherries to develop slowly, creating greater complexity in the cup. This year Nyagashiha took out 20th place in the Burundi Cup of Excellence, a testament to the hard work of Jean-Baptiste and the entire team.