COFFEE CAPSULES - Nespresso compatible - 100 Pack

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The Governor Nespresso Compatible Pods

x100 Specialty coffee podsĀ  |Ā  Ā 100% Biodegradable & CompostableĀ 

Our medium to darker blend is rich, sweet and simple with big flavours.

Notes: Chocolate fudge with a lingering sticky orange marmalade finish.Ā 


We recommend warming up yourĀ Nespresso machine before inserting the coffee capsule, if you would like to extract the absolute best flavour and maximise the crema. Every time.

Turn on the machine, close the lid (with NO pod inside) then press the lungo button once; allow the water to pour out into the cup. Ā This will flush out any residual coffee so it doesnā€™t contaminate the next pour and also warm up all the contact points inside your machine, prepping for better capsule piercing & resulting in a magnificent pour once you insert the coffee capsule.

We also recommend you pre program your Espresso and Lungo buttons to 30ml and 50ml, or longer if you prefer. Ā This will ensure your coffee is never over or under extracted.

Enjoy your Rosso Capsule Coffee.

Note - Our pods are compatible with Original Nespresso Machines. With the exception of Miele carousel type machines.Ā 


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