Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kesha


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kesha


Varietal - Hairloom

Process - Fully Washed

Floral, apricot, honeyed aroma. Bright apricot upfront with notes of coffee blossom mid palate and floral on cooling. High, grapefruit acid carries through cup. Sweet and creamy cup with delicate biscuit and toffee finish.




This coffee has been grown and processed in the Kochere area of Gedeo Zone. The wet mill is located in Biloya Kebele and receives cherry from around 150 farmers in the immediate area.

The Kore Spring lies the growing area, near to Biloya town. Smallholder producers cultivate coffee on steep slopes of up to 2200 MASL in the highlands. They deliver their cherry to the wet mill throughout the harvest season, where it is pulped and processed, before being sent to an ECX delivery station for grading and sale.