ALTITUDE 1400-1850

VARIETAL bourbon, caturra, sarchimor , catimor , anacafe 14 and pacamara

PROCESS Washed, sun dried


The town of Todos Santos is located at 2,400m and its one of the few places I know where we say we're going literally "down to the coffee plantations". From the town of Todos Santos another stretch of dirt roads need to be crossed before getting to the village of Tuiboch, where the coffee is grown. The Cooperative started working in 1995 with small producers and was formed by 10 people, which has grown to 55 producers mainly of the Mayan Mam ethnic group. One initiative by the co-op consists of each single plant is accompanied by what is called "ecologic boxes" which is a one cubic meter hole made right next to each plant. The idea is that these boxes allow for foliage to be collected, water and moisture to be retained and to prevent erosion in the mountain. Ultimately what this does is provide a safeguard for the plant during extended periods of heat and drought. A major project for the Cooperative is a health clinic they have built at the warehouse in Tuiboch which not only provides for members but all people in the area with the opportunity to access visits from Doctors that come up to the village every couple of months