Nicaragua Agropecuaria Bariloche


Nicaragua Agropecuaria Bariloche


Varietal - Catuai

Process - Natural

Altitude - 1600 - 1700m

Tasting Notes - Blueberries and hazelnut aromas.  Tropical fruits, blackcurrant acidity
with a creamy cashew and walnut finish.

Farm - San Antonio actively participates in certification programs scoring one of the
highest punctuation of all the farms. These certifications have been particularly
useful in helping to protect the water sources, ensuring there is at least 5m of
space between the streams and the coffee plants. Furthermore, they have
significantly improved the lives of the workers, providing them with better
working conditions, better equipment and better pay. They also want to create a
more social side to the farm by building a club for the workers where they can
relax, watch television and play sports.