Kenya Gathiga - Kandara C.G.C.S. - Murang'a

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REGION: Kangema, Githiga, Muranga

ALTITUDE: 2570 masl

VARIETAL: SL-28, Batian, Ruiru 11


TASTING NOTES: Juicy blackcurrant and ripe figs. Bold body and a cola sweetness.



Gathiga Coffee Factory was established in 1953 and currently serves 1,490 smallholder producers, all of whom farm on an average of half a hectare of land apiece. The area around the factory has fertile volcanic soil and is also nearby the Aberdare Forest. Coffee producers deliver their cherry the day it's picked, and at the factory it is sorted, depulped, and fermented underwater for 15–23 hours before being washed four times and spread on raised drying tables for 8–15 days.