Mexico Santuario Project Guadalupe Zajú Natural


REGION: Chiapas

ALTITUDE: 900-1400masl 

VARIETAL: Starmaya & Mundomaya hybrids

PROCESS: Natural

TASTING NOTES: Cherry, Cinnamon, Floral, Green, Apple, Honey, Peach, Raspberry



Ripe cherries are washed and density sorted in floating channels before being placed in fermentation tanks for a 24 hour aerobic fermentation. Cherries are then separated by weight before being placed on drying beds with ventilation and controlled temperatures of 20 °C and 60% humidity. Once the coffee reaches 10-11% humidity it is placed into GrainPro for a final resting period.

Finca Guadalupe Zajú


Finca Guadalupe Zajú has a long standing in the history of coffee production in Mexico. Located in the famous Soconusco region of Chiapas, it was first established in 1890, before being taken over by a German-Mexican couple in 1945. The couple diligently tended to the farm for almost 60 years, before selling to the current owner Eduardo 'Teddy' Esteves.

Teddy and his family have been involved in coffee, tea and cocoa for over 150 years. Bringing this wealth of experience and knowledge to Guadalupe Zajú has allowed the farm to flourish in recent years. 100% of the coffee is shade grown, with meticulous attention paid to picking, fertilising and pruning. Older, less productive parts of the farm have been renovated with hybrid varieties (in fact half the farm is now Marsellesa) that have high yield and excellent cup quality. There is a full time agronomy and management team dedicated to each lot of the estate, as neighbouring farms such as La Gloria and Chanjúl have been purchased under the Guadalupe Zajú name in recent years).Teddy has also called upon post harvest experts to consult on processing and drying at the farm, including Aida Battle and, most recently, Camilo Merizalde of the Santuario Project.


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