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113 Dryburgh St North Melbourne
Wed - Fri: 7am - 3pm. |. Sat - Sun: 8am - 3pm
Welcome to the Rosso Coffee Experience – where our decade-long journey in mastering coffee roasting and education comes to life. Here, you'll savour expertly crafted lattes and deepen your coffee knowledge, right at the source.

All Day Eats

Acai Bowl [VG] [DF] - $21
Apricot & macadamia Paleo granola, peanut butter, hand-picked berries, coconut chips

Brioche Oat Milk French Toast - $25
Rhubard custard, orange blossom poached peaches, berries and lime gelato

Huevos Benny - $26
Blackmore slow-cooked brisket on toasted crumpet with poached eggs, brown onion jalapeño jam, avocado salsa, chipotle hollandaise

Chorizo Chilli Folded Eggs [GFO] - $26
Scrambled eggs with red harissa, grilled banana chilli jam, crumbled feta on toasted bagel, with garden herbs

Porcini & Wild Mushroom Medley [VG] - $26
Braised wild mix mushrooms, smashed pea foam, macadamia crumble, salsa verde and dehydrated kale on cashew cream & toasted pumpkin bread. Add Poached egg - $3.5

Smashed Avo & Sweet Potato Toast [VG] - $24
Smashed avo, pickled sweet potato hummus, saffron labna, chilli jam, mixed seeds on pumpkin sourdough
Add Poached egg - $3.5

Breakfast Salad [GF] - $28
Pan-fried Salmon fillet with asparagus, broccolini, kale & avocado, saffron labna, vegan Persian feta, slivered almonds, and a poached egg

Pretzel Steak - $28
Served with whipped ricotta, tomato relish, green mango & herb slaw, 160g Blackmore free-range steak, potato salad and black garlic mayo

Hot Buttered Lobster Roll - $28
Queensland poached lobster meat, American mustard butter, chilli, chives, coriander, lemon zest, garlic mayo on a toasted brioche roll with a side of potato salad

Add Ons

Egg - $3.5

Chipotle Hollandaise - $3.5

Salsa Verde Roast Tomatoes - $4

Broccolini w/ Toasted Almond Slivers - $6

Braised Thyme mushrooms - $5

Vegan Persian Feta - $5

Avocado - $5

Bacon - $4

Toast with Spreads - $8.5
Organic sourdough, fruit toast, gluten-free quinoa with your choice of house-made jam, Vegemite or gluten-free peanut butter
+ your choice of add ons

Eggs On Toast [DFO] - $14
Poached, folded scrambled or fried eggs on your choice of Sourdough, Pumpkin Bread or Gluten free bread
+ your choice of add ons

Kids Menu

Crumpet w/ Jam - $5

French Toast - $9.5
with Maple Bacon or Fresh Berries

Ham Cheese Tomato Toasted Sandwich - $9

Cheese Toasted Sandwich - $7

Egg on Toast - $6.5

Chicken Burger & Potato Salad - $13


Allergen Guide:

[V] = Vegetarian

[VG] = Vegan

[GF] = Gluten Free

[GFO] = Gluten Free Option

[DF] = Dairy Free

[SF] = Sugar Free



Our Roasts

Rosso’s Signature Coffee’s: roasted right here in North Melbourne.

The Governor: Dark-roast blend, chocolate fudge and orange marmalade notes.

The Commuter: Medium roast, caramel, hazelnut, berry notes, dark chocolate finish.

The BohemianMedium-roast blend, jammy sweetness, rich toffee, dark-cocoa finish.

The Secret AgentSwiss Water Decaf, caramel, milk chocolate, nutty caramel finish.

Single Origin: Single Origin Coffee’s selected from sources around the world. Ask us about this weeks Roast for more info.


Milk Coffee

We serve all milk coffees with the Bohemian by default

Milk Coffee - $4.8 / $5.8

Iced Latte - $5.8

Black Coffee

Served as Single Origin by default

Espresso - $4.5 / $5.5

Pour Over - $7

Batch Brew - $5

Cold Brew - $5

Not Coffee

Chai / Matcha - $5 / $6

Assorted Tea - $4.5

Hot Chocolate - $4.5 / $5.5

Coke / Coke Zero - $4.5

Water / Sparkling - $4.5


Banana - $11
Maple, banana, chia seeds, almond milk

Green - $11
Kale, avocado, mango sorbet, almond milk, coconut flakes

Berry - $11
Mixed berries, chia seeds, banana, peanut butter, almond milk


Glowing Green - $9

Purple Power - $9

Orange - $9