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Rosso Espresso Bar Spotswood

Coffee with character

Who we are

Rosso stands for "Coffee With Character". This means we put a great deal of care into choosing our coffee, roasting our coffee and making sure each coffee has distinct tastes that combine together to give distinctive espresso blends. Each espresso blend we produce is characterisable, and we guarantee it's a taste you haven't had before.

We’ve created 3 distinct espresso blends with flavours for every palate. We regularly bring in new coffee selections ,alongside our specialty coffee blends, by sourcing new single origin coffee (for filter coffee fans and espresso fans alike) from different farms across the globe.

Our team is headed up by owner Ramez, who threw away the corporate life to create an accessible and vibrant coffee brand, thus Rosso coffee was born! As a Melbournite himself, Ramez wanted to follow his love of coffee and bringing people together. This started with a coffee roastery in Essendon, and now brings a flagship cafe on Flinders Lane, an online store, an iconic Cold Brew Concentrate company (Boston Black) and lots of hospitality clients and loving customers.

Our Coffee

We pride ourselves on serving our customers with some of the world's best specialty coffee. Every coffee we serve has been meticulously chosen by our roasting team for optimal flavour, body, and cleanliness. Then, each coffee is roasted to the perfect roast profile that showcases what the coffee's character has to offer.

Our commitment to quality and ethical sourcing means that every coffee we serve has been thoughtfully selected from a diverse range of origins and producers worldwide, with a minimum score of 80 on the SCA cupping protocol. In addition, we make sure that each coffee is sourced in an ethical manner that ensures fair compensation for the farmers involved.

We partner with coffee suppliers that prioritises ethical practice to ensure ensure coffee farmers are treated fairly, and that the farmers operate in safe, sustainable conditions.

Hand holding green coffee beans close to the camera

Melbourne made

Rosso is a 100% locally owned and operated company, contributing to Melbourne's renowned coffee culture.

Melbourne's famous coffee scene has its roots in the post-World War II influx of Italian and Greek immigrants. Now, the coffee scene in Melbourne has evolved into a true art form with the rise of the "third wave" in the 2000s. Third wave coffee encouraged innovation, through new baristas evolving alternative methods of grinding, roasting, and brewing. We're proud that Melbournians have lifted the act of making coffee into a true art form.

With cafe partners accross Melbourne and Australia, our customers enjoy some of the finest specialty coffee Melbourne has to offer.