About Us

Our Character

Rosso stands for coffee with character. Over 16 years strong in the specialty coffee roasting game and our characters just keep evolving.

Rosso Coffee is a family business created by Ramez who ditched his accounting degree and opened up his first cafe at 21. Multiple cafes later, the Rosso name has expanded to a thriving roasting operation and a flagship Espresso Bar in Flinders Lane.

We are fun, we’re vibrant, we’re a bit quirky and we take our coffee pretty seriously.

We’ve created 4 distinct characters or blends to please a wide range of palates, and are constantly sourcing the most interesting Single Origins to excite and inspire, and if thats not enough - the new and exciting taste potential of a custom request.

Melbourne Made

Rosso is proud to be 100% locally owned and operated, representing part of Melbourne's world renowned coffee scene.

Melbourne's coffee culture has its roots in the influx of Italian and Greek immigrants after World War 2, who sought to bring their espresso culture to new cafes to earn a living and rebuild in a new country. Since the “third wave” Melbourne coffee scene in the 2000s which saw innovative new baristas evolve new methods of grinding, roasting, and brewing, Melbournians have lifted the act of making coffee into a true art form.

With cafe partners accross Melbourne and Australia, our customers enjoy some of the finest specialty coffee Melbourne has to offer.

Rosso Espresso Bar

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne's CBD Flinder's Lane, the Rosso Espresso Bar proudly serves our finest coffee offerings to the city that loves it most.

Our espresso bar highlights the characteristics of all three of our characters: The Bohemian, The Governor, and The Commuter. Our friendly barista's provide the community with beautiful lattes and even better vibes.

472 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9077 4960

Come and stop by for a coffee: Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 12:00pm.

Our Coffee

Just like us, each coffee has it's own character. We put all our passion into telling our customers the story the coffee wants share.

We pride ourselves on serving our customers with some of the world's best specialty coffee. Every coffee we serve has been meticulously chosen by our roasting team for optimal flavour, body, and cleanliness. Then, each coffee is roasted to the perfect roast profile that showcases what the coffee's character has to offer.

Each and every coffee we serve is thoughtfully sourced from an array of origins and producers around the world that score 80+ on the SCA cupping protocol.