The Rosso Coffee Experience

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Welcome to the Rosso Coffee Experience in North Melbourne: Melbournes Home of Coffee Innovation

Nested in the heart of North Melbourne, the Rosso Coffee Experience is not just a destination; it's a brand new approach to coffee. Our pioneering concept store, set in a beautifully transformed warehouse, offers a unique combination of culinary and coffee excellence.

Featuring a world first make your own coffee bar, world class food by Chef Michael Bernerger Kevin and a towering roaster out the back, the space is lit by a dynamic LED ceiling panel to further enhance the ambiance. The Rosso Coffee Experience is an exciting and vibrant new addition to the Melbourne coffee game.

Culinary Delights by Chef Michael Bernerger Kevin

Indulge in our exquisite breakfast and lunch menu, crafted by the renowned Chef Michael Bernerger Kevin, whose culinary prowess was honed under Neil Perry. Our menu celebrates dietary inclusivity, featuring a thoughtful selection of vegan and gluten-free options.

Chef Michael Bernerger Kevin preparing a dish for the Rosso Coffee Experience
The Salmon Breakfast Salad at Rosso Coffee Experience
Make Your Own Coffee Bar

Make Your Own Coffee Bar

Join us for a 15-minute session, for 1-4 people, to learn coffee making from our expert baristas. Free and fun, perfect your brew from bean to cup.

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Roasting on Site

At the heart of the Rosso Coffee Experience lies our on-site roastery, a beacon of coffee mastery where the alchemy of roasting unfolds before your eyes. Visitors are invited to witness the transformation of raw, green coffee beans into aromatic specialty coffee delights.

Our expert roasters employ meticulous techniques and a deep understanding of the beans' journey, ensuring each batch reaches its full potential. Here we walk the walk, showcasing our dedication to quality and connecting visitors directly with the origin and craft behind every cup we serve.

the Rosso Coffee Experience on site roastery


For groups of 6+ give us a call on (03) 9329 3560 and our team will be happy to make arrangements.

Your Event, Our Space

Planning a group visit or an exclusive event? Our space is perfect for your next function, corporate engagement, or a unique coffee experience. Give us a call at (03) 9329 3560 for bookings and event inquiries.

Opening Hours

Day Times
Monday Roasting
Tuesday Roasting
Wednesday 8am - 3pm
Thursday 8am - 3pm
Friday 8am - 3pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm
Sunday 8am - 3pm



117 Dryburgh St, North Melbourne VIC 3051