Some behind the scenes magic


Rosso is coffee with character.

We are a family company, roasting honest, quality coffee since 2005.

We’re inspired by the unique flavours of beans we source from around the world, and by the stimulating coffee culture of our home town, Melbourne.

Our own character?  Simple - we’re obsessed.

We roast every batch of our specialty graded coffee with meticulous care and absolute pride to make every cup count.

We create each of our blends with its own story to tell - and its own character to discover.

Which one are you?

Our Signature Blends

Single Origin Coffee

Brewing Equipment

Commercial Equipment

..I continue to use Rosso Coffee across all my venues, because Ramez and his team have proven over the many years of our professional partnership their loyal support and absolute consistency of product.  Each new setup has been seamless from start to finish.  I cannot recommend highly enough both the product and the support from Ramez and the Rosso team..

JASON M JONES - Entrecote | Second Home | Stamford Park Homestead business has grown substantially.  Coffee output is up 375% since we first ordered.  There’s just a level of care and love, I find.  I don’t in the slightest feel like I’m two states away..

JORDAN IOVENITTI - The Gift Shop, Brisbane

Coffee Subscription


Home brewing kits

Bundles to set yourself or loved ones up for home brewing success.

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