we're more than just coffee

we're coffee with character

Rosso stands for coffee with character.

We are fun, we’re vibrant, we’re a bit quirky and we take our coffee pretty seriously. We’ve created 5 distinct characters or blends to please a wide range of palates, and are constantly sourcing the most interesting Single Origins to excite and inspire.

Our Coffee

16 years of specialty coffee experience

backed by experience

Over 16 years strong in the specialty coffee roasting game and our characters just keep evolving.

Rosso Coffee is a family business founded by Ramez who ditched his accounting degree and opened up his first cafe at 21. Multiple cafes later, the Rosso name has expanded to a thriving roasting operation with a flagship Espresso Bar in Flinders Lane. 

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100% speciality coffee, ethically and sustainably sourced

we're committed to coffee

All of our coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced from specialty-grade farms around the world. We're committed to only serving coffee that scores above 80+.

wholesale coffee

professional service

Wholesale specialty coffee with professional service and on-site training. Backed by years of professional experience opening, running and servicing some of Australia's greatest cafes.

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what our partners have to say

Years of partnership

Working with Ramez and his team at Rosso since we opened almost seven years ago, has been a hugely positive partnership for us to work with suppliers who hold the same values as we do - quality, consistency, integrity and the continual pursuit of improvement. The essence of good business is to align yourself with products that deliver of promise, people you respect and ethics that hold true. This has always been the case for us with Rosso.

-Katherine E | Second Home, Melbourne.
Coffee sales up 375%

My business has grown substantially. Coffee output us up 375% since we first ordered. There's just a level of care and love, I find. I don't in the slightest feel like I'm two states away.

-Jordan Iovenitti | The Gift Shop, Brisbane.
Loyal support and absolute consistency

I continue to use Rosso Coffee across all my venues, because Ramez and his team have proven over the many years of our professional partnership their loyal support and absolute consistency of product. I cannot recommend highly enough both the product and the support from Ramez and the Rosso team.

-Jason M Jones | Entrecote, Melbourne.

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