3 Coffee Cocktails That AREN'T an Espresso Martini

It would be a lie to say we don't LOVE espresso martinis. But we know there exists a community of coffee lovers who just don't dig them. Whether it's their sweeter taste, or just not the way you like to have you coffee; we have some more ideas for you. Here's 3 more ways you can incorporate coffee into your cocktails without them being the same old espresso martini...


1. Cold Fashioned 

A new take on the classic 'Old Fashioned', but with coffee. So C-old Fashioned is born.

The Coffee Old Fashioned combines the zesty taste of orange bitters with the smooth and notes of Boston Black Cold Brew coffee. 

As an adage to one of the founding cocktails in the mixology world, this cocktail will pack a punch with a nice caffeine wake up there too! Here's how you can whip one up:

[Serves 1]


  • 45 mL Irish whiskey
  • 45 mL Boston Black (or any cold brew concentrate) 
  • 45 mL Orange Bitters: though feel free to reduce this if you find the taste too overpowering
  • Orange Peel (garnish)


  1. First, fill 50% of your cocktail mixing with ice.
  2. Next, add your whiskey, coffee liqueur and bitters.
  3. Stir everything up until chilled (this should only take about 15 seconds)
  4. Strain into a fresh glass (we like to have this 'on the rocks' and just serve with one large ice cube).
  5. Garnish with an orange peel and you're done!

2. Affogato Cocktail

Like an affogato, but with a bit more punchiness! 

Though we say 'affogato', you'll need a blender for this one to actually become a drink. So, once the blender is acquired, you're ready for the next step... 

[Serves 1]


  • 45 mL coffee liqueur
  • 1 shot espresso coffee
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream


  • Chocolate shavings (garnish)



This part is simple, add all of your ingredients to a blender and blend immediately. You should be left with a thick mixture that you can pour into a large glass and serve with a straw ... or spoon!

3. White Russian

Don't forget this classic!

As the cooler brother of the espresso martini, this drink is well complemented by its cherry garnish and lots of ice. 

[Serves 1]


  • 1 shot coffee liqueur
  •  2 shot vodka
  • ~40 ml Heavy cream (depends how much ice you add first)
  • A handful of cce


  • Morello cherry for the top



  1. After adding a generous handful of ice, add the vodka and coffee liqueur to your serving glass.
  2. Add in the heavy cream so it sits on top of the liquid and stir to gently to create a stunning marble effect
  3. Top with the morello cherry and serve!


As with all cocktails, please know your limits and drink responsibly. Calculate the alcohol content you consume in each with a standard drinks calculator and remember that coffee contains caffeine (a stimulant) which can raise your blood alcohol concentration faster than normal. 

If you're concerned about your consumption, or need more help, reach out to DrinkWise or ADF.  



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