4 Ways to Make An Espresso Martini

When it comes to a long weekend, there's nothing more we love doing than having a few drinks in the late afternoon into the evening and relishing the time with our fam and friends.

Of course, we're biased and we love our alcoholic drinks to have a dash of coffee in them too. So we've listed below our four favourite ways to make an espresso martini at home....

1. Keep It Traditional - Espresso from the Espresso Machine. Serves 2. 

First up, we go back to the classic recipe. This involves firing up the espresso machine for a 45 mL shot of freshly brewed espresso. When we use this method, we like to use our very own Bohemian espresso blend, as this gives the sweetest chocolatey taste, perfect for pairing with a coffee liqueur. Pop this into a cocktail shaker, along with a handful of ice, a teaspoon of sugar syrup, 100 mL of vodka and 50 mL of any coffee liqueur. WITH THE LID ON (we've had some 'lid off' nightmares) shake up the cocktail shaker for about a minute or so, until the whole shaker feels nice and cold and the liquids are well mixed. 

Next, divide the cocktail into two glasses and serve up. We love to dust the rim of the glass in a bit of cocoa dust for an extra chocolatey finish. 


2. The Long Life Legend - instant Coffee for Instant Cocktails. Serves 2.

Next, for those who need one ASAP with seemingly bare cupboards - this one is for you. It's time to dig out your instant coffee and take two teaspoons of instant coffee, a teaspoon of sugar and mix with 40 ml of boiling water. We love an electric whisk here to really thicken it up. Next, add this mixture to the cocktail shaker, along with the handful of ice, 100 mL of vodka and 50 mL of a coffee liqueur (any brand). Shake it up (AGAIN, WITH THE LID ON) for approximately a minute, and serve into two chilled martini glasses. 


3. Consistent with the Cold Brew - Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate. Serves 2.

If you've been around a few coffee places recently, you'll know that cold brew is now seemingly everywhere. We know it too, so we made our own! Our Boston Black cold brew concentrate doubles as a great way to make a quick espresso martini without the mess and need of a coffee machine. 

With a bottle of our cold brew concentrate, you can shake up an espresso martini in no time by simply adding two shots of vodka, two shots of any coffee liqueur, two shots of the cold brew concentrate and a generous handful of ice to a cocktail shaker. Pop that lid on the shaker, and shake up until the shaker feels nice and cold. Take two chilled martini glasses and divide up the mixture to serve. Eaaaasy!


4. No Mess with the Nespresso Machine - Using Nespresso Compatible Pods. Serves 1.

Finally, another quick way to whip up an espresso martini, or should we say 'Nespresso Martini' is to pop a pod in your Nespresso machine. If you're craving a Rosso taste, we very handily have our own line of Nespresso compatible coffee pods! But any coffee pod can be used here. It's important that you select the Ristretto setting, to cut the espresso shot early and make it taste a little sweeter.

So, to make that martini, you'll need to add your one pod's worth of extracted espresso from your Nespresso machine, along with some ice, 15 mL of vodka, 10 mL of coffee liqueur to a cocktail shaker. Shake it up until the shaker feels cold and the mixture has thickened. Pour the mixture out to your chilled martini glass and serve. To sweeten it up, try adding a dash of sugar syrup in the shaker if that's more your taste preference. Or, of course, you can experiment with different pods. 

So that's it, your never stuck for an espresso martini solution ever again! Whether you've got 5 hours or 5 minutes to make it, we've got you covered. 

Enjoy! And, of course, please drink responsibly and calculate how many standard drinks each recipe provides using an online calculator. 

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