7 Ways to Use Our Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate

we're pretty proud of our Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate for being an innovative coffee product that unlocks great coffee in seconds. But, we understand you might be thinking, what if I don't just want cold brew. Well, we've put together some great alternatives you can make with it to satiate your coffee desires!

Uses for Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate

1. Espresso Martinis Cocktails

It might be stating the obvious, but our cold brew concentrate goes perfectly with a coffee liqueur when shaken up to make an espresso martini. Simply add coffee liqueur, vodka, and Boston Black in a 1:1:1 ratio into a chilled cocktail shaker with ice. Shake up until the vessel feels really cold, and notice the foamy goodness of the espresso martini you just created! Remember to drink responsibly. 

Designed to have natural sweetness and low acidity, the annoying 'vinegary' taste of cheap coffee is banished and you have an easy martini recipe without needing to touch a coffee machine. 

There's a reason we're trusted by over 50 bars in Melbourne/wider Australia to provide them with our cold brew in their espresso martini recipes!

2. Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a great way to use up any remaining cold brew concentrate you might have lying around, before it goes off. It's not just made with espresso coffee, there are plenty of recipes like this one here that include cold brew. Sounds like you'll need coffee frosting too, we got you covered below... 

3. Coffee Cake Frosting

Now this one is simple, when mixing your butter with powdered sugar for frosting. Add a few drops of vanilla essence and a few drops of cold brew concentrate. We advise tasting gradually as you mix the frosting until you've got your perfect level of coffee taste. 

It's not just for coffee cake either! Coffee frosting is a great addition to vanilla cupcakes, brownies, chocolate cake or cookies!

4. Cold Brew Overnight Oats

Another super smart idea for cooking is cold brew overnight oats. Yes, a healthy breakfast that satiates you AND wakes you up - the double whammy! And it's super easy to make, and prepared the night before so your morning routine is effortless. 

We love this recipe, but really you can just experiment with milk, oats and cold brew concentrate until you get the taste you like the most. Adding a few chia seeds in there is a great way to thicken it up too. Just make sure you give the oats time to soak up the flavours (hence the 'overnight'), and top with whatever you like (chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate for us).

5. Iced Mocha

As a naturally sweet ingredient, Boston Black works so well with chocolate flavours and making an iced mocha is super easy. Simply add some chocolate syrup (or dissolve some chocolate powder in milk) and add two tablespoons of boston black cold brew concentrate. Then fill up the rest of the cup with cold milk and ice and stir. You can add more or less Boston Black depending on taste, and your caffeine needs.

Or for a cooler option, freeze the mixture of chocolate and Boston Black into iced cubes and just add to cold milk when you're feeling like a cool refreshing chocolate drink. 

6. Cold Fashioned Cocktails

Quite a punchy concoction, but Whiskey fans will like this one. Add 30 ml Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate, 30 ml Whiskey and 60 ml orange bitters into a short glass with a large ice cube. Give it a gentle stir and you're set. Garnish with a orange peel twist and drink responsibly!

7. Cold Brew Affogato

Finally, a dessert we love, reimagined with cold brew to be even easier to make. All you need is a scoop of ice cream (vanilla, caramel, chocolate - whatever you want) and 50 ml of Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate. That's all! Whilst it's not hot enough to melt the ice cream (like an espresso shot), the sweetness of the Boston Black Cold Brew is a great pairing of ice cream and will cause the ice cream to melt more gently. Giving it a big stir creates more of a mocha ice cream taste which is a favourite of ours on a hot day in the sun. 



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