All about the Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap. You can now make espresso without an espresso machine!

This week was a great week for espresso fans around the world! Finally, the Aeropress has stepped up to serve another market in need... espresso fans who either:

a) Don't have an espresso machine at home

b) Want to be able to make an espresso on-the-go.

Meet the Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap! 

To be honest, you could make a half decent pseudo-espresso with the Aeropress without any additions BUT this couldn't really take on the real thing. Without the Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap, you'd be left with a more flat shorter long black with limiting body and none of that syrupy thickness that you get with a machine.

Now, with the Flow Control Filter Cap you get the thickness, the full body and the crema of an espresso shot. Engineered by Aeropress themselves (who also happened to make Aerobie frisbee?!), the Flow Control Filter Cap fits snuggly on to the Aeropress and lets you press out a super rich shot of your favourite espresso with the usual Aeropress method. 

All you'll need to do now is grab some espresso beans and grind them to an espresso style grind (we always advise trying to mimic powdered sugar). If you're in need of some great tasting beans, we'd be silly not to mention our own Rosso sampler pack where you're getting all of our top flavours in one bundle! 

Want to see how it works? One of our favourite online coffee personalities, @daddygotcoffee takes it for a spin and shows you the power you can now unlock without an espresso machine!



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