Our Favourite Spots on Flinders Lane in Melbourne's CBD

As a Flinders Lane cafe, we couldn't spend all of these years residing on Flinders Lane, serving coffee to the masses, without mentioning our favourite spots on this iconic spot of Melbourne's CBD.

1. Quaint Shops on Cathedral Arcade. 

Go for the shops, stay for the ornamental ceiling! This place transports you into old London decadent shopping arcades that host designer boutiques and galleries. Housed within the Nicholas building, built in 1925, the rich history is a delightful break from the 2023 bustle of the city. 


2. Digital Drinks at Bartronica

Get ready to step back into the late 80s and 90s as you get competitive with your friends/family and play all the nostalgic video games you forgot you needed! Complete with pinball machines, arcade games and games consoles.. except this time you'll be allowed to grab a beverage at the same time. Their words are 'Tinnies, Pinnies and Classic Arcade' which sums up the neon-lit dive bar vibe and the sticky floor and old school coins you'll come across. 


3. Kino Cinema

For us, a smaller and more intimate cinema is a great way to enjoy a movie. With ample dining options on Flinders lane, the Kino cinema is in the perfect spot to enjoy a post-dinner movie. Kino's smaller setting means you'll get a great choice of snacks, comfy seats and way nicer drinks options (sparkling wine too!). 


4. Trinket Bar

Want to seem like you know Melbourne better than anybody? Take your friends to Trinket Bar! Whilst this seems like a cute quaint bar/pizza spot. You'll see strangers wondering through a wardrobe, and not coming out for a few hours... strange?! Well that's because this has a speakeasy-style secret cellar bar to kick back and enjoy a few cocktails in. Cocktails might be their forte, but you can be sure to be well fed too, as they have a great range of pizzas and small plates.. and ice cold beer.

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