Our Top 3 Cafes for Coffee Lovers in North Melbourne

North Melbourne, with its vibrant streets and eclectic mix of old and new, has long been a bastion of Melbourne's famed coffee culture. In this neighbourhood, coffee is more than just a morning ritual; it's a craft, a passion, and a way of life. Amidst the historic warehouses and sleek modern developments, a rich tapestry of cafes and roasteries weave together an intricate coffee scene, each with its own unique story to tell. From the artisanal to the avant-garde, North Melbourne's coffee landscape is a reflection of the city's broader love affair with the bean.

1. The Rosso Coffee Experience: Coffee Mecca

Ok ok, we're biased; but bare with us because we're blending innovation with beans in ways you've only dreamed of. Picture this: a "make your own coffee bar" where you can be the barista and learn from the best, curated bites by Chef Michael Bernerger Kevin that'll make your taste buds dance, and an on-site Roastery that's up there with the best aromas you'll ever smell.

It's not just about serving coffee; it's about living it. Yeah, we did rank ourselves numero uno, But come and experience it and we're pretty confidence you'll agree

2. Path Melbourne: A Journey to Coffee Excellence

Venturing just a stone's throw away to 362 Victoria St, Path Melbourne is a haven for those seeking a high end, specialty cafe in the heart of North Melbourne. Their menu is like a coffee compass, guiding you through a world of flavours and brews. The staff are brew cartographers, mapping out your path to the perfect cup. WIth reviews from patrons like "next level specialty coffee" and "a MUST for coffee lovers" you know this a place where every sip is a step on an exquisite journey.

Path North Melbourne

3. Lumen People: Illuminating Your Coffee Ritual

At Shop 2a/520 Victoria St, Lumen People takes a spot on our list not just for their coffee (which is obviously excellent) but for their ambiance and ethos. Described as LGBTQ+ friendly, with fantastic staff and decor that's both beautiful and inviting, Lumen People lights up the North Melbourne coffee scene. Their breakfast roll, lit up by sausage and LA sauce, is just a taste of the care they put into their service, food, and drinks. It comes highly recommended.

Lumen People, North Melbourne


So there you have it, the crowning jewels of North Melbourne's coffee scene. We opened with a cheeky nod to our own Rosso Coffee Experience, journeyed through the elevated coffee landscapes of Path Melbourne, and basked in the illuminated ambiance of Lumen People. Each spot offers something unique for the coffee lover, whether it's a hands-on brew experience, a journey through flavors, or a welcoming space to start your day. Now, go forth and sip from the royal chalice of North Melbourne's finest coffees. And yes, we're still smirking.

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