Our Top 3 Gift Ideas for any Coffee Enthusiast Dad

With fathers day coming up (September 4th, put it in your calendar!), and Dads infamously being solidly planted in the "hard to buy for" category, we figured it would be a good time to assemble some gift ideas for the Dad has everything (and loves coffee).

3. For The Green Thumbs: A Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant in pot

For the green thumbs out there, many are surprised to learn that coffee trees are actually suitable as an indoor plant. Usually found in nurseries or online as Coffea arabica (check the fruiting plants section of your local!) These plants have glossy, thick leaves and a bushy dense appearance in their early years - coffee trees eventually mature to a full size of 6-10 feet but may be pruned to size. 

Just make sure you've got a spot with bright, indirect sunlight in mind and a rich and moist potting mix on hand!

2. Class Up His Mornings With A Bialetti Moka Express 

Bialetti Moka Express 2 cup

Say the word "stovetop" and this is what comes to mind. A classic art deco design from Italy which has been in production for over 100 years. Plus, what other coffee maker can you say is featured in a collection at the Milan Triennale and the MoMA in New York?

Prestige aside, this is also a tried and true espresso heavyweight that can go toe to toe with more modern espresso machines.

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1. For The Adventurous: A Single Origin Specialty Coffee

Single Origin Coffee Filter brew

Single origin coffees are specially sourced from small batch, family owned farms from around the world. These coffees offer unique flavours and characteristics that showcase the farmer's cultivation skills and regional variation. 

For the man who has it all, a single origin will challenge his palette and introduce him to a totally unique coffee experience.

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