The Rise of the Small Batch Home Coffee Roaster

Coffee technology has really come a long way since it began becoming a common pastime. These days, it's pretty normal for coffee enthusiasts to have the facilities at home to take coffee from a freshly roasted bean to a perfectly crafted flat white in a matter of minute at home. But now, we're seeing people take it an extra step by purchasing green coffee and roasting their own coffee at home!

Why would they want to do this? Well, we know that as soon as coffee is roasted, it degases and begins to lose its flavour with time. The best coffee is enjoyed very soon after it's roasted and degassed. So, having a roaster at home means you can stock up on green beans and roast the coffee you need for the week ahead. It also means you can experiment in roasting profiles to experiment with your green beans and enjoy seriously fresh roasted coffee from the comfort of your own home.

But, this really is a luxury and is certainly not the most affordable option. Home roasters will set you back $1500 AUD to $7500 AUD and even then, it's a learning curve before you get the hang of roasting without spoiling your beans. Home roasters will also take a significant toll on your energy bill, so it's still much more affordable to buy your beans roasted, but it's certainly fun to geek out on more coffee stuff!

For now, we'd recommend keeping roasting to the roastaries, but we do see this becoming more of a thing in the future! 

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