Coffee 101: AeroPress: A Beginner Guide

Aeropress a rosso guide

The AeroPress is a versatile and uncomplicated brewer that can make a number of different styles of brew, and be carried around easily when travelling or commuting. Here’s a simple way to get started - but have an experiment or two, as there are about a million brew methods floating around the internet, some of them are great.

This is a full immersion method, so we will use 70g/L

  1. Grind 14g of coffee relatively fine, but not espresso fine.
  2. Boil your water
  3. Rinse your filter paper disc by flushing hot water through
  4. Screw on the filter to the body
  5. Set the brewer filter side down onto your mug or serving vessel. Add your ground coffee
  6. At 50 of freshly boiled water, give the slurry a quick stir to saturate all your grinds.
  7. At 30 seconds, fill to 200g, give the whole brew a quick paddle and place the press into the cylinder, working it in to create a seal above the brew, which will stop the brew from percolating through the filter and into the cup.
  8. At 2:00, take the press out, give the brew a gentle stir, and start pressing down. The whole brew should be finished by around the 2:45 mark.
  9. Serve and enjoy.

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