Cleaning Your Machine 101: 4 Things Not to Overlook When Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

Look, we know it isn't the funnest thing in the world to do, but when it's this time of year and you're inside a lot it's definitely worthwhile that you give your machine a clean. We've summarised our top 4 spots you should clean to get the best extraction in your next coffee. 

1. Descale the water chamber with a descaling product

If your coffee machine has a removable water chamber then you can soak this with a standard descaling product to remove any hard salts that have built up with usage. 

2. Run Cafetto through the portafilter and scrub 

Cafetto is a great product to clean your machine. You can use it to backflush and clean out your delivery group as well as making up a soaking solution for the portafilter itself. Check out the instructions on the Cafetto website. Make sure you also give the lower coffee channel a serious scrub, as coffee oils tend to build up here. 

3. Clean the burrs/blades of the grinder

Next, we'll target the grinder. You'll want to remove the hopper of the grinder here and dust off any beans or grinds remaining with a painbrush. You could also consider running some coffee grinder specific 'Grindz' for burr grinders, which clean by grinding! Simply pop the cleaning tablet in, and let it get to work! 

4.Clean the steam wand tips and milk jug with Cafetto's Milk Froth Cleaner

Again, we're back to Cafetto with another product that's used to soak the tips of the steam wand. By adding it to your milk jug and steaming with your steam wand (just like you would with milk), you'll be getting rid of any nasties and milk residue. 



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