Coffee on the Road: Our Favourite Ways to Enjoy Specialty Coffee

Sometimes there's nothing better than heading out of Melbourne and heading up the coast to get some well needed R+R. If you're like us, coffee is still a big part of our day each morning. So here are our tips on how to have the best coffee when you're on the road. 

Portable Coffee Methods


The AeroPress is a fantastic piece of kit. Hailing as its own filter brewing method, the AeroPress uses pressurised water to brew coffee making the perfect filter coffee on the go. This method of brewing allows more of the flavour from the beans to be extracted, leading to a high caffeine and flavour packed coffee. If pour over coffee was a light and delicate filter coffee, the AeroPress filter is the stronger richer brother! What we love about this method of brewing is you really don't need much to get started... the AeroPress is affordably priced at around $40-50 AUD. You'll then just need to pack along some filter beans (ground for AeroPress - ask your barista if you're unsure) and some filter papers and hot water.

We keep it simple when brewing a coffee using the Aeropress, by simply using 15g of ground coffee and adding 230g of hot water to the Aeropress. After 1 minute, we press out the brewed coffee and by 1 min 30 we're ready to start sipping! 

Being a filter coffee, we recommend this with our very own rotating My Single Friend Single Origin coffee. 

Cold Brew Concentrate

For the iced coffee lovers, preparing cold brew concentrate can be a great way to prepare for a long weekend away. If you're not into planning ahead, you can turn to a ready made cold brew concentrate... like our very own Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate, which packs 18 serves into one handy 750 mL bottle.

With a cold brew concentrate, all you'll need to pack alongside this is some long life milk and a keep cup. Too easy!

French Press

For the long black coffee drinkers, this one is for you. The french press is a classic easy way to enjoy your espresso beans on the go. Struggling to choose a bag of espresso? Check out our very own range of Rosso Espresso Blends.  With just some hot water, and some coarsely ground beans, you can serve up a nice big french press coffee for all of your family.

The French Press brewing method provides a strong full bodied coffee that's pretty foolproof for friends to whip up on the road as well. 

Bialetti Moka Express

Lastly, for those with a stove they can access on their trip, the Moka Express is another great way to have your favourite espresso beans on your vacation. The Moka Express uses pressure to extract the taste of coffee from the beans, leading to a more concentrated brew compared to the French Press. If you're more into to the taste of an espresso, this one will give you a more similar taste without the need for a heavy machine and electricity. 

If you want to try this one out, check out our bundles where you can pick up a discounted bag of our beans alongside the Moka Express. 


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