Coffee Storage and Organisation: 5 Things to Organise Your Coffee Station

As you become more of a coffee enthusiast, you might find your coffee gear and supply of coffee to be growing exponentially. So that you don't bury your kitchen under your coffee and tools, we have some organisation tips and tricks to help you out.

1. Coffee canister for your current beans, and freeze the rest

If you're not already storing your opened bag of beans in an airtight canister, you definitely should. Not only does this prolong the shelf life of the beans, but it can also clean up your kitchen counter as you can colour coordinate the canister with your kitchen aesthetic. If you've got a few more bags cluttering up your counter, then pop these into airtight containers and put them in your freezer until you need them. Utilise a few smaller canisters at once if you like a choice every morning, and use a spice rack to store these so they look purposeful in your kitchen.

2. Consider a filter coffee stand 

For our filter fans out there, you'll probably agree it can be a little chaotic to store a v60, chemex, range server, and scale. So we recommend looking at a (very good looking) filter stand. 

3. Tabletop vacuum for coffee grinds

If you live with other people, even coffee folk, having coffee grinds out will surely be annoying them! So we recommend keeping a mini vacuum in near reach of your coffee station so you can quickly sweep up any grounds and get on with your day. 

4. Utilise risers 

If you like to have everything out on display , consider using risers to lift up some of your gear to a higher level and space everything out. This can be helpful in keeping your tools dry but also helps your coffee station look more organised and clean. 

5. Filter paper holder (or a toast rack would do the same thing)

Again, one for the filter fans. Having an open bag of filter papers can look very messy but also invite moisture into your filter papers. You can fix this up by using a filter paper organiser which neatly holds your filter papers together on their side. But you could just use a toast rack here and achieve the same result. But we have to admit, the filter paper stands look verrrry nice on a counter!

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