Extract Better Espresso

Espresso fans ☕️! Here are our top tips for ensuring an even extraction every time:

1. Store your beans correctly! Moisture can greatly affect how your grounds pack together and how they act when they undergo the pressure of the machine. We advise storing ground beans in an airtight container at room temperature. Even better, only grind the beans right before your coffee if you have a grinder at home.

2. Flatten the coffee in the portafilter evenly before locking in to the machine. We swear by a coffee tamper for a super easy and consistent espresso each time.

3. If you’re grinding the beans at home, ensure that you grind the beans for a fine, espresso grind size to create the perfect extraction.

4. If your espresso shot comes out quite thick, with a burnt flavour, then the grind size may be too fine, so coarsening the beans is the way to go

5. If your espresso comes out too thin, with a watery and bland flavour, then the grind size may be too coarse, so going for a finer grind size is the way to go.

Of course, when trying new coffee, it’s really a process of trial and error as you make necessary adjustments for your machine.

Happy Brewing!

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