5 of Our Favourite Melbourne Venues to Visit This Valentines Day

It's always fun to try somewhere different. Why not spend Valentines Day trying some of our favourite places around Melbourne, even better to spend with a special someone. Read below for our rundown of how we think your Valentines Day could be spent this year...

1. Pastries at Calle Bakery, 649 Rathdowne Street
Let's kick things off bright and early for a tasty sweet treat at breakfast. Our pals at Calle Bakery (Carlton North) make the best pastries in Melbourne. Think french pastries, croissants, and sourdough baked fresh every morning. Wash these sweet treats down with a warming coffee, which happens to be our very own Rosso coffee


2. Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen

Just a short drive away from the city takes you to the greener suburbs of Bulleen where you can find the Heide Museum of Modern Art. Spread over 3 galleries and 7 hectares of gardens, you can take in the exhibits and soak up some sun before it's time for another bite to eat.

 3. Lunchtime at Second Home, 21 Brougham Street

Next, head over to Eltham to enjoy a feast at Second Home. This gorgeous airy venue has a large menu full of standard brunch as well as more innovative lunch options. We can't say no to their Hearty Home brunch and even more pastries with their extensive collection of noisette pastries and cakes. 


 4. Dinner at Entrecôte, 142-144 Greville St

Dinner at Entrecote (Prahran) always feels luxurious. There's nothing better than a french restaurant for a nice dinner after a busy day. Indulge in their steak frites and Crème Brûlée with a glass of champagne or some cocktails as the night draws in. 


5. Cocktails at Bar Clara, 87 Little Bourke St

Finally, head into the city to Bar Clara (CBD) for gorgeously presented cocktails, with an extensive menu of classics and innovations. Lounge for hours in their stunning space and get cosy under the candlelight.

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