We Took a Trip to Maine Foodstore in Castlemaine

Rosso Coffee Gets Regional!

Did you know we go further afield than supplying our coffee to just Melbourne CBD? That's right! Our wholesale market includes cafes and venues across regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland! 

Recently, we paid our pals at Maine Foodstore a visit, in the town of Castlemaine. Being known as a delightful treat for locals grabbing quick food on the go, and tourists who flock to Castlemaine, Maine Foodstore caters to the masses with their extensive options of food, drink and homewares.

If you're new to Maine Foodstore, you'll likely be there for longer than you think as they have tons of gorgeous homeware, gifts and locally sourced products. When it comes to their food, they really went all out to make sure everybody can enjoy something - they cater to each and every dietary requirement. 

We tucked into some sweet treats which included a delightful apple crumble, brownie and (of course) lots of silky expertly crafted coffee. Whether you're here for a bite to eat, or a gift for a friend .. add Maine Foodstore to your list of places to visit when you're wanting a break from the hustle of the city.  

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