All About Our New Coffee Liqueur: Black Geisha

It's here! Finally, we are stoked to announce our new Coffee Liqueur has hit the shelves at bars and bottle shops across Australia! Black Geisha is our concoction of coffee knowledge, expert brewing and impeccably grown coffee in the form of a coffee liqueur.

Our best-selling cold-drip cold brew concentrate product, Boston Black, has been a staple in bars, bottle shops and dinner parties for a while now. And although it's not the only use for it, it makes a mean espresso martini when paired with a coffee liqueur and vodka. So we thought...hey, let's go ahead and create a friend for Boston Black. And so, Black Geisha was crafted. 

Coffee fans will know that Geisha coffee is a widely respected coffee variety that is known to be luxurious, due to its unique flavour profile and high selling price. It's our favourite and a pleasure to brew. So we went the extra mile and thought, this HAS to be in our next alternative coffee product. 

Now, we have our coffee expertise across the two key products you need when you want an espresso martini. And its even easier to make a perfect espresso martini at home. Or, just to enjoy as a delightful post dinner liqueur. 

For now, you can find Black Geisha in bottle shops and bars across Melbourne and Australia.


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