A guide to Pour Over Coffee: featuring the V60 drip coffee maker.

There's nothing like the classics. The V60 is a great way to have a really clean and juicy brew, best enjoyed black with a relatively light roast of high quality single origin beans.

It’s a pretty simple process that you can experiment with to get your desired results, but to get you started: here’s the Rosso way.

Measure out 60g of coffee per litre of water. This means for a single cup (250g water) you’ll want 15g of coffee. If you prefer a little bit of a stronger brew, feel free to go up to 70g/L, but we find that’s about the maximum.

  1. Grind medium-coarse. If you’re doing a two cup brew (~30g coffee for 500g water), you’ll need to grind coarser than for a 1 cup brew.
  2. Get your water HOT. Straight off the boil.
  3. Prepare your filter paper, putting it into the brewer and flushing plenty of hot water through it to clean out any paper-taste.
  4. Add your coffee, level it out to make a nice flat bed.
  5. Tare your scales and get your timer ready
  6. Pour 50g of water into the coffee, using a nice steady stream of water.
  7. With a teaspoon or paddle, dig into the grinds to ensure that every little pocket of coffee is saturated with water. This is to ensure that it’s all going to brew as evenly as possible.
  8. At 30 seconds, top in up to 150g of water.
  9. At 1 minute, fill the brewer to 250g.
  10. At about 2 minutes, pick the brewer up and give the whole brew a little bit of a swirl to ensure that the coffee on the sides of the wall is brought down into the remaining brew.

The whole brew should be finished at around the 2:50-3:00 mark.

If the brew time is quicker, you may need to make your grind a little bit finer.

If the brew time is much slower, make it coarser.

Serve and slurp!

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